We are the Cyprus market leader in the field of livestock premixes and we are exporting our products in several countries. Premixes are blends of vitamins, minerals, feed additives weighed accurately and mixed together in a homogeneous blend. Premixes are then mixed or supplemented to the ration to ensure accurate, practical and optimum nutrition for livestock. Our facility is approved to be able to also include veterinary pharmaceuticals in our premixes.

Our production facility is designed to be able to produce customised feed grade premixes of various weights and in various open mouth bags. This way we can produce customised formulas for our customers and we can customise premixes according to their rations or preferences. Our technical department provides advice and support for premix formulation.

We produce feed grade premixes for all livestock species including poultry, pig, ruminants, rabbits and horses. Our facility is ISO and HACCP certified and quality is further assured from our ISO-17025 certified laboratory.